Brexit is a boon for European luxury shoppers

Writer:fashion Date:2016-7-3 19:15 Sunday Categories:Fashion

Brexit-European-luxury shoppers (1)

Brexit-European-luxury shoppers (2)
The Chinese are the most keen. Apparently, according to VisitBritain, “Chinese web searches for UK holidays have skyrocketed”. They are big on luxury off late, and so are the first ones to be approached for a red carpet welcome to UK. European brands now need to find alternatives to drive their business, though. In the same league and standard they have been following. Also, more foreign investors mean lesser polish and exclusivity on the brands too.

So, it is yin and yang. Good and bad. Who benefits – the world, they will be able to eat off the hands of Britain. And who loses? Businesses, and some rather extremist thinkers who liked to believe that their royal lineage still controlled the rest of the world.

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