Dior launched a new Lady Dior handbag bag boutique in Seoul

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Designed by the architect Christian de Portzamparc and Peter Marino decor new Dior Dior boutique grand opening in Seoul, Korea. Take this opportunity, the store’s VIP salon gallery will hold a named Lady Dior As Seen By enlightening exhibition, a special exhibit Seon Ghi Bahk, Jung Pyo Hong and Oh You Kyeong the three Korean artist completed three new works.

With its distinctive personality, history and structured sleek lines, Lady Dior has naturally become the best art exhibition’s theme. Since 2011, the brand’s iconic handbags after a global interpretation of the artist’s personality has become a exquisite and unique works of art. By the interpretation of the works of these artists will be on display at the Lady Dior As Seen By enlightenment during the exhibition. This exhibition has been in China, Japan and Italy to great acclaim, and is now successfully entered South Korea in Seoul, a great debut in the brand new boutique salon on the 5th floor of the VIP gallery. Visitors can be in this space, the freedom to explore the creative world of artists. They launched a bold imagination, with photography, sculpture and other art forms of alternative reproduction iconic handbag.

The artist Olympia Scarry transparent glass to create a new Lady Dior handbag bag, theatrical design work resembles a fossilized crocodile head, Patrick Demarchelier is furnished with a unique photography scene, in addition, you can also Nan Goldin and enjoy David Lynch’s masterpiece.

To celebrate The House of Dior boutique grand opening, three Korean artists also joined the exhibition team: in Jung Poy Hong’s hands, This classic handbag transformed into a delicate soft sculpture; Seon Ghi Bahk carbon material and gold leaf ingenious mix, creating a delicate art world; Oh You Kyeong was the brand’s iconic masterpiece to create a unique geometry to make it even more perfect silhouette. For all artists, this bag is worthy of an inexhaustible source of inspiration to take.




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