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As Prada is bringing more serious styles out for the Pre-Fall 2015 Collection, Miu Miu is keeping it young and energetic. Though the Collection is colored in many darker colors, it’s still blend with exciting colors like red and black, white and red, black and orange, baby blue and black.

Miu Miu Pre-Fall 2015 handbags are innovative, different and never-seen-before, and that mixed with great quality for your investment. It’s the best way to start-off your designer handbag journey (and belief me, it’s not too difficult to get obsessive).


Practical handbags, like the new leather tote with three compartments, in large and small size. Duffle bags for the weekends, Miu Miu got the style you want and love. So what do you think?Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-5Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-6Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-7Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-9Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-11Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-12Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-13Miu-Miu-Pre-Fall-2015-Bag-Campaign-14

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